The Leadership Challenge

There is a fundamental truth about leadership that lies at the very heart of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and sets this program apart from all others. That truth is: leadership is everyone’s business. It’s not a place or position. It’s not a rank or title. And most importantly, it is not available only to an elite few.

From the front lines to executive suites, leadership is a set of skills and abilities that can be learned by anyone with the desire and dedication to fully develop their leadership potential, to achieve their personal leadership best, and to facilitate the development of others as leaders. This program’s focus is solely on leaders—whether seasoned or new to the role—and their relationships with others.

The Leadership Challenge provides a high-level strategy that includes the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:

  • Model the Way

  • Inspire a Shared Vision

  • Challenge the Process

  • Enable Others to Act

  • Encourage the Heart

The journey will begin with some initial data collection.  Over three million people have taken their first steps towards their personal leadership best with the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®), a 360-degree assessment tool by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Based on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model, the 360-degree assessment illuminates both your effectiveness as a leader and the level of commitment, engagement, and satisfaction of those that follow you.

The LPI is very different from other 360 assessments in that it is specific to frequency of observable leadership behaviors, and not any kind of personality judgment, so the feedback will be actionable and helpful.  No matter where you are along your leadership development journey, the LPI will support the important work you do in developing, nurturing, and empowering your emerging leader.

The Challenge then begins in the form of a one-day or two-day workshop where participants will learn, practice and apply the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in a safe and fun learning environment, complete with an Adventure Theme. 

Ongoing coaching and support make The Leadership Challenge an enduring model that will move your organizations goals and inspire innovation for generations of leaders to come!.