Leadership Practices Inventory 360

The LPI® — The Tool for Unlocking Leadership at Every Level

As a simple, data-driven, and time-tested assessment, the LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory measures how frequently each individual exercises The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. With this information, individuals at any level and in any organization can identify exactly where they excel as leaders and where they have opportunities to improve.

Workbooks and LPI Workshops accompany the results to transform your leadership through invaluable, analytic, objective feedback, and application.  Contact us for a sample of the LPI Report and learn more about how to unleash the leaders on your team. 

In a world where talent strategy is standardized with questionable results, there is a need for personalized, collaborative expert service that is cost-effective and backed by science.

For strategic, innovative leaders who value growing people and unlocking their power to solve problems, MVP-Results has the right suite of science-based tools to empower data driven decisions guided by expert strategists.